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Henrik Vibskov is most commonly associated not only with an acclaimed fashion label but with a multitude of twisted and tantalising universes created in relation to each collection.  


Brand: Henrik Vibskov (DK)
Marketing & SoMe Strategy

Henrik Vibskov is a Danish multidisciplinary artist who is known for creating surreal art pieces where things are upside down. In his runway shows, he stirs performance art, odd music and spatial design, making them undoubtedly captivating. During my time with Henrik Vibskov, I was in charge of tasks, including social media management, communications strategy, content creation, trend research, brand partnerships, and event management.


I designed a communications strategy that revamped the image of sales-oriented posts and merged them with his artistic promotion.  I worked closely with VIBS family, Henrik Vibskov and the studio staff, and featured them in short-format interviews with product picks and styling advice. I was actively engaging fashion influencers and enthusiasts wearing Henrik Vibskov in our communications, which helped us grow the online community and yielded a dedicated fashion audience.


186% increase in followers month over month (organic, 4 months) 
373% increase in engagements

Photo credits: Henrik Vibskov archive, designmuseum.fi

During my internship at Hermione Flynn, I was in charge of the development of her SS16 communication strategy and marketing for her New York and Berlin Showrooms. 

Brand: Hermione Flynn
Marketing, PR, Graphic Design

The motivation behind Hermione Flynn, as a designer and brand, is a tenacious addiction to the creative process.

As a trained performance artist, Flynn approaches each creative endeavor with intellectual and artistic integrity, producing work which is unique in both design and concept. Unable to limit herself, and the brand, Hermione Flynn can be (un)defined as fashion designer, performance artist, installation artist, film maker and image-maker.

There are, however, several themes in Flynn's work which remain constant - the adorned body, a social context, and an element of risk. It is the latter which can be recognized as a signature element in most of Flynn's work. But how does this translate to a commercial garment? In an industry dominated by frivolous consumption, Hermione Flynn is a brand which pioneers fashion as art. With no dedication to a particular style or sub-culture, Flynn responds to the fashion environment and the greater social climate, without bias, generating work which is socially relevant, unpredictable and honest.

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Brand: WIP


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Candid parenthood is strategic and research work that helped Pampers paint a more progressive picture of modern American parenthood.

Brand: Pampers (US)
Research & Strategy

Setting a direction for Pampers brand platform

Pampers is one of the most trusted brands by mothers (Millward Brown). To achieve this position, Pampers has been actively listening to millennial parents to understand their experience and become a better partner for the healthy, happy development of their babies.

Having functional benefits at the forefront, Pampers struggled to connect with first-time parents on an emotional level. In an abundance of insights, Pampers still lacked conversational-centric insights that would enable them to create an engaging brand narrative and meaningful consumer connections.

To establish Pamper's brand platform, we explored the conversations surrounding the experience of transitioning to parenthood to find new territories and best potential entry points that Pampers could deploy. While this topic has high relevance to millennial parents, it's a highly competitive, cluttered space with many brands fighting to own the conversation.


Finding a novel angle to parenthood conversations

Talking about parenthood is not a novelty anymore. Even brands beyond the baby-care category have been portraying the joy of parenthood and family connection for many years. Yet, not so many have been courageous enough to talk about the actual, candid experience of parenthood that is filled with anxiety and frustration.  

Although brands have been making significant efforts to paint a more realistic picture of parenthood, most of them still rely on touching imagery and worn narratives that lack excitement and creative execution.

The Parenthood space still provides opportunities to shift the conversation back to the excitement sphere. In a growing clutter of parenthood content, Pampers needed to open up more progressive narratives that are uniquely differentiated from the ones of their competitors.


Perception Shift

Evolve Pampers from a trusted brand into a brand loved by Millennial parents

Insight work

There's no more blissful experience than becoming a parent. Baby-care brands have been portraying the joy of parenthood for many years. Yet, not so many have been courageous enough to talk about the actual, candid experience of parenthood that is filled with anxiety and frustration.

As a part of our ongoing work for Pampers, we explored the realistic side of parenthood to find new territories and best potential entry points that Pampers could deploy. Based on our analysis of over 150 campaigns and 17MM digital consumer mentions, we identified high-potential opportunity spaces with long-term relevance and factors that will help Pampers succeed in these spaces.

The stories of parenthood pathways are relevant not just for brands operating in the baby-care category. Those brands with the narratives revolving around care, safety and human connection have been actively speaking about family life for a long time. By looking at more than 150 campaigns of these brands, which we categorized into direct, indirect and conversational competitors, we began to understand how they approach the topic of parenthood, but also how they contribute to the parent community.

From what we observed, It comes as a disappointment that these campaigns lack creative execution and innovative use of media. Many of them are rather cliché and predictable, relying on touching imagery and highly-emotional voice over. The lack of creativity is also apparent in the portrayal of the real American family. Although brands are making significant efforts to portray families that go beyond the "white picket fence" stereotype, they still fail at capturing diverse family structures. These structures are changing fast in the modern-day world, and the typical "nuclear family" as we know it from the commercials has become the exception rather than the rule.

In the continuous attempt to make baby-care advertising look more credible for new parents, fathers are becoming more central to the parenthood stories, and brands are seeking ways to create better conditions for stay-at-home dads.

Since brands across many industries have been tapping into this space for many years, it was necessary to find attributes that will help Pampers distinguish from the competition. Our analysis of competitive landscape helped us identify hygiene factors that represent the must-haves for entering the parenthood conversation, and levitators consisting of attributes that would enable Pampers to make progressive actions and establish a meaningful connection with the parent community.

Helping Pampers move forward within the parenthood space, we analyzed over 17MM digital consumer mentions and 20B interactions to find the most prominent as well as prospective topics. We categorized the conversational landscape into 30 different sub-topics that zoom in on diverse parenthood scenarios and the challenges single moms, stay-at-home dads and couples face every day.

Abstaining from the breadwinner role, stay-at-home dads are strained by the stigma of manhood. Dads that stay home voluntarily to be the primary caretakers are often perceived as a failure in the public eye. However, in the modern era, the concept of stay-at-home dads is gaining on popularity, and many of them are successfully redefining what manhood means.

TikTok Moms has been rapidly rising in popularity for their honest depiction of what being a mom means. Breaking the Instagram “mommy” rules of showing only the perfect family pictures, TikTok Moms are bringing more fun and uplifting tone to the parenting social media content.

These findings but also many others served as a foundation for fabricating 5 most relevant opportunity spaces for Pampers. By combining our learnings from the competitive and conversational research, we explored the talking points relevant for each opportunity space that will guarantee high-engagement and higher audience involvement.

Read the full case study at hellomano.com
(The case study is written by Aneta Junkova)

Photo credits:  Charlotte Patmore