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PAPA beverage is a branding project that confronts the dull image of Kombucha beverages. Influenced by the cultural context, I designed a visual and verbal identity that embraces contemporary youth culture. 


The image of Kombucha beverages is far from what image-conscious young people in bustling cities like.

Target group

The urban youth community is defined as early adopters who spend heavily on food, clothing and socializing since they believe that friends are a fundamental part of their lives. They like the new, unusual and off-beat, which makes them be among the first in and first out of trend adoption.

Mostly they are concerned with their image; therefore, they search for authenticity and brands that reflect the lifestyle they aspire to be part of. They are spontaneous, sensation- and experience-seeking with a high sense of visual stimulation.

Sustainability increasingly adds meaning to their lives. Some believe sustainability is the new norm, while for the others, it's merely the new cool without much of their involvement.


Back in the day, people were born into communities and had to find their individuality. Today people are born individuals and have to find their communities. Our audience now seeks out status in the form of shareable experiences and friendships.


PAPA is a rebel. PAPA is a religion.

PAPA is authentic, sustainable and sensation-seeking since we believe that being responsible when enjoying the perks of youth will leave a better taste in your mouth.

PAPA = father ~ /ˈpɑː.pə/
Father as a metaphor for someone who cares (focus on sustainability). 

PAPA = pope ~
Religion as a metaphor for a community of
people with shared beliefs (focus on fostering the community).

Tagline: 'Cause PAPA care'


We believe in friendship and sharing the moments of joy; therefore, we are a native soil for people thirsting to experience genuine youth culture. That's why we organize and support various events, and work as a creative platform giving space to off-beat art projects, musicians and artists across Europe. 


PAPA is a rebel ~ Rebellious, Spirited, Youthful
PAPA cares ~ Genuine, Sustainable, Organic
Club PAPA ~ Unity, Community, Support
Art PAPA ~ Eccentric, Authentic, Art-loving

Credits: concept & design by Aneta J.