Aneta Junkova 🖖🏻

PAPA is a rebellious beverage that embraces the contemporary youth culture. It is authentic, sustainable and sensation seeking since we believe that being responsible when enjoying the perks of youth will ultimately leave a better taste in your mouth.


Once upon a time people were born into communities and had to find their individuality. Today people are born individuals and have to find their communities.

Our audience now seek out status in the form
of shareable experiences and friendships.

Target Group     

Culture Freaks are intelligent, educated customers that are defined as early adopters who spend heavily on food, clothing and other youthful products and services. They like the new, unusual and off-beat. They are the first in and first out of trend adoption, going against the current mainstream.

Mostly they are concerned with their image, hence they search for authenticity and brands that not only add value to their life, but also reflect their lifestyle. They are spontaneous, sensation and experience seeking with a high sense of visual stimulation. They spend much of their disposable income on socializing and they believe that friends are extremely important part of their lives.

Solution: PAPA brand    

PAPA = father ~ /ˈpɑː.pə/
Father as a metaphor for someone who cares

PAPA = pope ~  Religion as a metaphor
for a community of people with shared beliefs

'Cause PAPA cares'

We are the native soil for people thirsty
to experience the genuine youth culture.

Brand Values     

PAPA is a rebel ~ Rebellious, Spirited, Youthful

We embrace the contemporary youth culture since we want to rebel the market and bring something new and exciting into the world of ordinary beverages. 

PAPA cares ~ Genuine, Sustainable, Bio

Sustainability is a big part of our brand, therefore we prefer to work with small-scale businesses that have sustainable and transparent supply chains.

Our tea is sourced from smallholder farmers in Asia with a non-chemical approach to pest management. They are certified slave-free companies that developed sustainable practices and improve the livelihoods of the people working in the supply chains.

We believe in one of the oldest materials people use - glass. That’s why we use recyclable glass bottles that can go through around 50 recycling cycles. Glass has no taste or smell compared to plastic, so you can enjoy the very best taste of our beverages.

Club PAPA ~ Building Strong Community

We believe in friendship and sharing the moments of joy, therefore we are a native soil for thirsty people craving to experience the genuine youth culture. That's why we organize and support various events, and work as a creative platform for off-beat art projects, musicians and artists across Denmark and the rest of Europe.

Art PAPA ~ Authenticity

We want to keep a quirky off-beat identity with high visual standards because at PAPA we love good design and everything related to it.

Copenhagen, DK