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LongoVital is one of the Scandinavian best selling dietary supplements, however the market is overflowing with products being not much different from each other. Consequently, LongoVital sees a need to differentiate by changing the brand associations and becoming a modern sustainable brand with a more personal approach to its customers. 


Vitamins are seen as medicaments taken for medical reasons.
Most of the product packaging looks outdated and similar to the rest of what is being offered.  


The project’s goal is to achieve the shift from 'PREVENT' to 'THRIVE - BOOST' nature of the LongoVital products.



The concept works with the idea of happiness since it symbolises the state of well-being, high spirit, enjoyment and satisfaction.

The LongoVital rebranding is based on a subtle messaging which places an emphasis on vitality and everyday happiness. The concept limits the use of plastic across the range and returns to the reusable, sustainable glass bottles. Once your bottle is empty you have the option to order a refillable subscription online that will make sure you receive the vitamins on time and at a convenient price.

Brand Personality

Brand archetype - INNOCENT - to inspire positivity, be pure and honest.

More personal approach to customers is reflected in the tone of voice across all the communication channels and the official copies for the product packaging.


- Happiness & Vitality
- Individuality
- Quality based on heritage
- Sustainability
- Security

To see the whole project please drop me a line at
insight, concept and solution: Aneta Junkova

Copenhagen, DK