I'm a brand strategist and cultural analyst working at the intersection of contemporary culture, brand virtualization and experiential marketing. With a deep understanding of the cultural context, I propel brands into relevant consumer conversations in a way that meets their commercial objectives.


︎ I’ve worked on pitches, unearthed insights, led teams and carved out campaign and activation strategies. I specialize in spotting trends and dissecting market and customer insights to inform communication platforms of brands and translate them into gripping branded experiences.


︎ I’ve worked with multinational brands, artists, and fashion designers, including P&G US, Brooklyn Brewery EMEA, Canon EMEA, Constellation Brands US, Henrik Vibskov, Pandora, L’Oréal, Carlsberg,...


︎ Strategy Manager at Mano
︎ Freelance Brand Strategist at Antinomy  
︎ ex. Strategist at Grey 
︎ ex. Strategy intern at McCann
︎ ex. Marketing at Henrik Vibskov
︎ ex. Marketing at Hermione Flynn

︎ Trend Research & Scenario Planning 
in New York City
︎ Future Laboratory: The Trends and Foresight Course
︎ IDEO Design Thinking & Stanford d.school Principles
︎ Changing Consumer Behaviour by Professor Dan Ariely from Duke UNI

Inspiration ︎

Recommendations ︎
Working with Aneta is both a pleasure and a breath of fresh air. Her talent is multifaceted. Aneta is able to seamlessly jump across strategy, creative and copywriting briefs, delivering top-notch work. She is creative. She is inquisitive. She is detail-oriented. She is thoughtful. She asks smart questions. She has all the right characteristics of an incredible strategist and creative. While I appreciate the fantastic work Aneta does, what I admire most about Aneta is her positivity and can-do attitude. Her positive vibes spread to everyone around her, and she adds so much light to the team. Her team spirit is palpable, and I (and the entire team) truly miss her presence in the Copenhagen office. Please feel free to reach out to me directly for a personal reference, Aneta has my highest recommendation. You’d be lucky to have Aneta on your team.

Sarah Kelleher-Probst
Orchestration Director at Mano 

Aneta is a rare combination of great analytical skills with a creative touch. I had the pleasure of having Aneta on my team for more than a year. She has always been that kind of professional you can rely on. No matter how challenging the project is, she will keep questioning and finding multiple solutions. She is an inventive strategist who is strongly connected to the pulse of contemporary culture. Alongside her talent, she is a quick learner and constantly open to feedback. I’m sure Aneta will do a bunch of cool stuff out there in the next years, and I’m glad I met her in the early years of her career. Highly recommended.

Juliano Lorenzino,
Head of Insights & Senior Strategy Lead at Mano

Such a smart, savvy and proactive strategist! Aneta's output and attitude make her 
one of the biggest assets to a project team - hard working, curious and not afraid to challenge ideas where it will make us 
more progressive and impactful.

Mikaela Conan-Davies,
Global Marketing Director at EPOS  

I really enjoy working with Aneta, as she is a great strategist with exceptional research and analytical skills. Her intuitive understanding and quick learning make briefing her very easy. I could always rely on her to deliver on set deadlines to the highest expectations. Her ability in copywriting and visual presentation elevated slide deliverables significantly and she proved her presentation skills by presenting her work to the clients herself. A great addition for any team!

Leander Sodji,
Strategy Lead at Mano

Aneta is one of the most committed, hard-working people I've had the pleasure to work with. She's unstoppable, and her passion is reflected in outstanding research and strategic work. That, together with her analytical skills and her creativity and graphic design abilities, make her a rara avis. Working with her is a guarantee of efficiency and great quality work

Ana Jiménez Núñez,
Strategy Lead at Mano

Reach out at an.junkova@gmail.com
VAT NL003574709B70